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Both studio and on location have advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s the top reasons I love shooting in a studio and specifically one that is a “male photo studio”...

1. Control of the Shooting Environment - the nature of the studio allows for precise control over lighting without interference from the outdoor unpredictable light source. In the studio, the situation is generally easier to control and the photographer can work with the studio lights to achieve almost any desired look.

2. Props Closet - quick and easy access to a wide assortment of items that can be included in the shoot. This is often an ever growing collection and most studio photographers are always on the look out for interesting items that can be included in a future shoot. I always encourage models to bring their own props and clothing. Even if we don’t use it all, it’s nice to have many options for the shoot.

3. Privacy - this is probably the biggest advantage for a studio that does nude photography. A studio where the model(s) can feel totally comfortable expressing themselves with or without clothing and in any manner that they desire can produce wonderful sensual or erotic images.

To be clear, on location including outdoors shooting can be very rewarding and offers some key advantages over studio work including an endless variety of environments, natural lighting, and the ability to create images that go beyond the limits of a studio session. I am doing more on location work and enjoy the opportunity to get out of the studio on occasion and try new shooting environments.

So why specialize as a male photo studio?

All photographers shoot what they find interesting and over time, they develop more skills and creative approaches toward their shooting. For me, I find the male body interesting to photograph and by specializing, I can continue to refine my expertise and assure new models that they will be totally understood and in an open environment.

If I did a little bit of everything, I don’t feel that my less focused offering would provide as much confidence to new clients and models that they can hope to capture the most flattering and exciting image possible. They also know that they won’t be judged at all since most all of my work is in this area and that includes fashion, sensual and erotic poses.

The other reason I choose to specialize as a male photo studio is that in the metro area, I was not aware of other studios that focus this way and I felt there was a niche market that needed to be served.

After focusing on studio work for over a year, I have recently been doing more on location work to balance my portfolio and go beyond studio. They're both great options and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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