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Male Model Casting

You must be 18+ to apply.
Studio in Arlington VA.

Model's Experience Video

Images Male is interested in meeting new male models who have a strong look and are in shape (height and weight proportional). We shoot fashion, sensual, suggestive, or nude images, depending on the comfort of the model. We have strong experience working with both new models and those with years of experience.


We do a "select shoot" at our Alexandria VA larger studio once a month. To learn more about this competitive modeling opportunity, please click here. We also do model shoots throughout the month at our Arlingon VA studio.


We frequently hire models for our workshops. Options include fashion (fully clothed), underwear, suggestive nudity, or full nudity - depending on the comfort level of the model.


We also partner with an agency that can connect you to paid modeling opportunities. Learn more here.


In general, the most common options for working together include:

- HIRE and/or TFP: We pay select models cash and always offer images. If we scouted you and asked you about your interest in modeling, we're considering one of both of these options. To read many FAQ about being a scouted model, please click here and use the password we provided. We can also help models find additional paid work by connecting with other photographers and providing information about commercial opportunities as we learn of them. If it is a paid shoot, the rate will depend on the model's look, his experience and the types of poses.

- Modeling at a workshop for pay and/or images

- Hiring us to provide images to build your portfolio (ideal when models want complete control over how images are to be used).

- Add to our collection of images suitable for stock photography sale or display. Ideal for models or photographers who have content they wish to sell.

​When modeling for us, we will mutually agree on exactly what rights you grant us and your compensation will be known prior to making any commitment to model. For nude images, we only photograph men who are at least 18 years old.  While we do conduct some workshops and shoots where the model is fully nude, we have an equal interest in photographing men in fashion, underwear and suggestive poses.


We always respect all limits of the model in terms of type of images to be photographed and rights granted (online, print, resale, etc.). A great example of some creative suggestive shots is the model "Luke" - check out his galleries for some ideas on how we've hidden full frontal nudity while including a naked man in the shot (these are called suggestive).

If you inquire as a model and are not selected now but still want images, please contact us and we can discuss a paid session.

If you would like to be considered as a model, please complete the inquiry form and email a face and body shot as instructed in the thank you page following your survey completion. Please note that if you pose nude, you must present a government issued ID showing you are at least 18 years old and allow us to make a copy for our records so we can comply with federal law.




Workshops are a great way to earn money and gain practice working with mulltiple photographers and get a variety of images. Below are some thoughts from a recent model, Andrew about his experience modeling at a workshop:


"I had the opportunity to do a photo workshop with David and a select group of photographers recently, and I am far from a professional model, but it was a great experience for myself and I believe for them as well. a wonderful opportunity for model and photographer to work on different techniques and practice areas we feel we aren't strong in. everyone was excellent to work with, very respectful of myself as a model, very grateful to have someone to practice with, and that comfort level allowed us to have a lot of fun and have a few laughs through the shoot as well. it's something I would definitely do again at some point in the future, and I highly reccomend that anyone else who might be considering doing a workshop with David take that step and do it."


Model mayhem link.




We work with and feature all types of male models. To help our viewers find models that might most appeal to them, we have developed four "model types". We've linked to galleries featuring some of our top models in each type.


  1. Do you have a well defined muscular body? If so, we would consider you "Muscle Men".

  2. If not, do you convey a more mature look (typically over 30)? If so, we would consider you "Sophisticated".

  3. If you convey a more youthful look (often under 30) and you tend more toward fashion and revealing less skin, we would consider you "Youthful Fashion".

  4. Finally, if you convey youthfulness AND enjoy showing off including suggestive nudity, we would consider you a "Hot Boy" model type. All suggestive or nude models are at least 18 years old.



This article published on Model Mayhem offers "8 tips for models to make photographers love them". Of the 8 tips, the single most important to me is that I appreciate models that bring their imagination to the shoot and have ideas and are willing to try things. Of course, I also like models who are punctual and who properly tag the photos they share so others can learn about my work.


Identification Document Requirements:


If we are photographing you nude, you must provide an identification documents such as:


1)      A valid U.S. passport (or, if the performer and producer are both outside the U.S., a valid passport issued by a foreign government).

2)      A valid state identification card.

3)      A valid state driver’s license.

4)      A valid identification from either a state college or university, so long as it contains a clear picture of the person identified along with their legal name, date of birth and document identification number or some other information that allows one to confirm the document’s validity.


To learn more about government regulations that we follow, please visit this page.

All photography on entire website © 2021 Images Male. All Rights Reserved.

Images Male is in full compliance with 18 USC 2257, with possession of model releases and all models are at least 18 and have provided age verification.

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