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About a For Hire Session

"I had been planning to get some personal pictures done for a few years but hadn’t had the courage to go through with it—then I just did it.  David could not have been more professional… he got us set up with a date ASAP and sent me everything I needed to know before the shoot.  I spent the days up to our appointment hitting thrift stores and places online for the clothes/items I wanted to use in my pictures. It was a lot of fun and I had plenty to choose from the day we shot my pictures.


The day of the shoot, again, David was totally chill and had a really good idea of what would work and maybe what wouldn’t—but he always let me try anything I suggested we do. He did a great job of putting me at ease and encouraged me to go for it.  In the end I am really happy with the pictures that I got—the whole session was a big boost for my self confidence. I recommend others do it too. " 



"Growing up I always thought I was ugly. Sometimes I still think that. Of course now I know it's depression thinking the worst of me, and anxiety assuming people think the worst of me. But sometimes, you still need a reminder of who you are right here, right now.


I told myself that when I reached my goal weight I was going to see David E, as a couple other of my friends have. I saw the amazing work he did, and thought, once I'm where I want to be weight-wise, I'd get photos done to document where I am now. I wanted a professional photographer specializing in male imagery because he could help me take the best pictures, and looking at his results (some of which I'm sharing in this album), it's clear I made the right choice in photographer.


I know I always won't look like this, and I'm looking forward to where I'll be years from now. But right now, I'm happy where I am." - Sean






At a private/for-hire session, we deliver the  following four items to you.


Safe Place: 

All models are respected and same is expected of the photographer. This is a safe place for you to have male photography done in an established, licensed, photography studio. If you desire to pose nude, these are handled professionally and with experience. We also offer on location/outdoor shoots. To see recent outdoor shoots, please click here.


Private & Discreet Environment:
You decide what images (if any) can be shared by Images Male and as a client, your privacy is respected.

Professional Experience:

Using top professional lighting and camera equipment along with years of experience shooting in a studio, provides you with high quality results. You can expect excellent photographs of yourself that will capture your unique style and put you in the best possible light.

Creative & Fun Approach:

Experimenting with creative ideas and being open to trying interesting poses, lighting, props, and camera angles provides you with exciting, visually stunning results. We will also put you at ease and together we'll have some fun creating great images of you. We want you to be actively involved in posing ideas and trying things. It is certainly reasonable to be "directed" at times, but we often get better results when the model comes to the shoot with some ideas and props. Once you confirm an appointment, we will email you a document that has all the information you need to know and includes a link of sample images you can review for posing inspiration.

A private modeling session is a wonderful body affirming experience for any guy.  Before the session begins, we will sit down and review previous examples of our work and discuss your expectations and desires. Motivations for scheduling a session are wide ranging and include professional images (eg. LinkedIn), dating profile photos, celebration of hard work on your body, sharing your images with a partner, having a great image to remember what you look like for the future and simply having fun with the experience of being a model in a professional photo studio.

Your Style Delivered Discreetly


You will decide if the session is all about 100% "G" rated photography for professional or personal purposes and/or if you want to go farther and explore more sensual or erotic photography. One favorite is suggestive poses where we leave a little to the imagination of the viewer through angles and creative lighting. Before we start taking any photographs, we will sit down and review options. If you want to think about your session in advance, you can check out this page (Pre-Session Interview Topics). and review the photographer's blog for thoughts on sessions. 


When a client expresses an interest in an erotic shoot, we're fine with that. If you're interested in seeing examples of erotic images, please contact us to request the URL and password to view these galleries and information on private erotic sessions. If you're not interested in this type of work, we're not going to push this option on you. Your limits are always 100% respected and no images will be shared with others without your express permission and a signed model release form. The session is discreet and your privacy is assured.

You may want to bring props and various items of clothing and underwear so we can try different looks. A session can be for one person or a couple.  


On Location Shoots

Prefer to have your shoot at your location? We can take our equipment on site and work within your environment. To see an example of a shoot conducted at a client's house, click here


Delivery of Your Images

In terms of delivery of your images, for best results we spend some time over the next few days after your session editing the best images. We then email you a link where you can view your images and download your selected images. If you prefer another option, we are happy to discuss additional options with you. We often will do some retouching such as softening skin and brightening eyes.

Check out more detailed galleries of select models here.  If you want to read what others have said after their session, click here.

If you're interested in scheduling your own private session or to learn more, please visit the contact page


Recent Client Review


"For many years I have been intrigued by what a model experiences when being photographed by a professional photographer.  I knew that someday, I wanted the experience of being directed and posed by a professional photographer, hear the sound of the shutter, and feel the flash of high-quality lighting.  I knew that someday, I wanted to model for a photographer who would capture images of me that are of the highest quality and that provide an insight into my soul.


Today was that day.


I arranged a studio session with David at Images Male and am thrilled with the results.  David clearly has the knowledge, the experience, and the equipment that made my images shine.  David's quick responses to my initial contact, through the scheduling of today's shoot, and his very fast delivery of my images all indicate he is a true professional.  David's studio is very clean and in a very safe location, and he respects your wishes; I was completely at ease throughout the entire process.  David took the time to listen to what I hoped to gain from the experience, and from the very start I felt a genuine sense of collaboration as we worked together to capture compelling images that would make both of us proud.  I look forward to working with David again.



Alexandria, VA"


Are You a Bit Nervous?


Check out this interesting video that reviews how various people approach being photographed. It mentions four types of people -- if you feel like you're not the first type listed below, you may especially enjoy this video.


1. People who own it. They are super confident and love having their pictures taken.

2. People who pose. Which can usually detected by their huge cheesy grin.

3. People who diminish. They just seem to short of shrink in front of the camera.

4. People who run. They just don’t want anything to do with the camera at all.





You often see a change in how a model appears on camera as you progress from the first few shots until the end when they become more and more confident and comfortable.

In this case we changed outfits which helped, but time in front of the camera and modeling tips rewarded the model with a solid headshot at the end. I always say the best thing for a model is to get camera time and just try things -- including selfies and even using a mirror.



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