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Pre Session Chat

Unless we have hired you as a model, the session is all about meeting your needs related to photographing yourself.

We start the session by reviewing the following topics before we take a single shot. We realize that many people think a lot about a session like this in advance and we want to make sure we meet or exceed your expectations. If you want to save some time at the session, we may be able to review these in advance on the phone.

Cost & Image Rights (Model Release Form)

  • We will review the terms of the session (are you paying, are we paying you in cash and/or modeling for images)?

  • If you are paying us, there is no expectation that you will sign a model release form or grant us permission to use any images in our portfolio. However, we will ask that if after you see the images and you’re comfortable with some being included in our portfolio, that would be appreciated. This can be easily restricted to body only images (with no face) or fully G rated shots - it is 100% your decision. If we are paying you (in cash or images), we will carefully review the model release form and you will be asked to sign it. A copy will be scanned and emailed to you.

  • How do you want your images delivered after the session? (this includes editing, retouching options, and electronic delivery of edited and/or full set of images via email, download, or flash drive).

​Regardless of model release option selected (ie. even if purpose of shoot is solely for your personal use), if you desire me to photograph you in a sexually explicit manner and/or nude, I will request to copy an identification card to comply with 2257 regulations.

Your Vision & Dreams for the Session

We want to hear your thoughts and hopes for the session.

  • What are your primary motivation(s) for arranging the session. I’m curious to know if this is the first time you’ve posed nude for a photographer.

  • How might you use the images. This gives me insight into how to photograph you. This could include professional networking, dating sites, strictly personal use, as a gift, etc.

  • What parts of your body are your favorite areas that you want me to highlight as well as areas that you’re not crazy about and we might want to avoid emphasizing.

Your Creative Thoughts

We will review some of my recent photography and we will listen for your thoughts as they relate to the types of images you desire for yourself. While we realize many people want us to be the primary creative driver for the session (and we're happy to do that), there are many people who have ideas in their head for the end result and we want to hear your input such as the following items that will impact how we approach the session:

  • The types of poses you might want (we will encourage you to be interactive and participate throughout the session). Have you seen poses or photos that you like?

  • Lighting - do you tend to like clean, evenly and fully lit style and/or more dramatic lighting?

  • Background - do you tend to like a bright white background, a subtle gray, or perhaps you like the darker black background.

  • Do you want full body shots, head shots, upper body, or perhaps you want to focus in on select parts of your body?

  • Do you want photos that are fully G rated, full frontal nudity (with or without face), sensual & suggestive, and/or erotic?

  • We can provide a platform or table for posing you. 

  • Review any outfits and/or props you may have brought to the session.


Posing Tips - we will review some general posing advice. Ideally, you can study these tips in advance of meeting.


Review Any Concerns or Questions

Link to modeling tips page​

All photography on entire website © 2021 Images Male. All Rights Reserved.

Images Male is in full compliance with 18 USC 2257, with possession of model releases and all models are at least 18 and have provided age verification.

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