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Advice for Posing Nude and Being Nervous

It is common for guys to think twice before posing nude. While some guys love being naked and are instantly comfortable dropping all of their clothes, others are more cautious and have some concerns.

Some typical concerns when considering posing nude include:

1. Professionalism of photographer

2. Comfort in front of a stranger

3. Feeling like you need to perform (have an erection)

4. Fear of getting hard

5. Fear of the results/not having a perfect body

I conduct my sessions with a high degree of professionalism and respect all limits of models. I will not push you beyond your comfort level or stated desire for type of poses.

I have seen many naked guys and will not judge you. I have been on both sides of the camera and from my experience and from what I've observed, after being naked for about 10 minutes you stop thinking about bring naked. You start thinking more about making great images and how to position yourself for poses. When I do the naked photo parties and we have 10-15 guys who are all naked in the studio, it becomes a non-issue and we're all thinking about making cool images and no one cares that they're naked.

Some guys want an erection and some guys worry about getting one. I have seen all situations and there is no need to worry about performing or getting a hard on when you don't want one. Whatever happens is fine. If you get hard and you're ok with me shooting photos of your erection, great! If you didn't want to get hard and you do, don't worry about it. It is natural, even for straight guys to get aroused as someone is looking at them naked. If you wanted a hard on shot and could not get an erection, don't worry. It is actually fairly common for guys to be nervous and not get hard. The most common situation is that the model is a bit hard at first and then almost always gets soft as we continue to shoot images (younger guys hold a hard on much longer). Then, if we start to do more erotic shots toward the end of the session, the model often will become aroused again as we focus the camera and the poses to the penis.

Everyone has some aspect of their body they like better than other parts. We'll work together to capture you in the best way possible and even if some images don't come out well, that is fine. We're going to shoot a lot of images (almost always over 100) and we'll have some favorites and some we don't love. If we end up with 10 great images after a 60 to 90 minute shoot, we're doing fine.

Overall, be comfortable knowing that I will conduct myself in a professional manner and that no matter what your penis does during the session, it's fine.


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