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Male Photography & Modeling Workshops

We offer photographers AND models interested in pursuing the art of male portrait/figure photography a chance to practice and meet others.


We focus on three types of male images:


1. Fashion & underwear (model has some clothing on)

2. Suggestive nudes (example below where full frontal view is not shown)

3. Full nudity including full frontal view


Consider joining us at an upcoming workshop (many are held in our Arlington VA studio) and practice shooting or modeling.

Please join our male photography meetup (free to join) to keep updated on the latest schedule of workshops and to reserve your spot. 



FREE PHOTO CRITIQUE - a virtual meeting where you can learn from others about what makes a great image. You share select images with the others and review via teleconference. 


BRING YOUR OWN MODEL AND SHOOT TOGETHER - An opportunity for photographers who already have a model, but need a place to shoot AND desire to shoot with me. A combination of studio rental and education together. Recent comments from an attendee at a bring your own model workshop:


"Shot with model Tyler and Dave yesterday. Awesome shoot! Dave was really helpful and patient in instructing me on the different lighting techniques and I came away with a lot of good information. I would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to increase their knowledge and have a good teacher and shoot in a very relaxed professional setting that this is the way to do it and well worth your time."


You can see the images from this shoot at the Tyler gallery.


PRIVATE SHOOT - 1 on 1 EDUCATION - An opportunity for photographers who desire to practice with a model and myself only (a very limited attendance workshop where you are the only student).


SHOOT OBSERVATION/ASSISTANT - An opportunity for photographers or models who are seeking more studio time observing vs. shooting/modeling. Ideal for individuals who are curious and thinking about getting started, but not sure what is involved.


About the fees



Recent comments from attendees at our workshops:

"The shoot was excellent! I really enjoyed working with the different models and found the lighting and shadowing a great learning experience for me. It was nice to meet some fellow photographers and discuss different thoughts on equipment, posing etc. I would definitely recommend this type of event to others and am looking forward to the next event."


"This workshop was a great investment in professional development. Low lighting and multiple venues provided photographers an opportunity to push their professional lighting skills. In addition to working in a billiards room, this venue offered an underground garage and outdoor wooded areas for all photo-graphers to practice their skills. David, did a great job working the logistical details and provided an informative workshop (with handouts) discussing the effective use of fill flash lighting. This workshop helped me analyze my personal strengths and weakness both in using the full potential of the venue and the strengths and weaknesses in my lighting skills. I would definitely join this group again for a follow on shoot to reinforce the techniques shared and lessons learned.



"It is always a pleasure to shoot with David and the awesome Models that he brings to the photo shoots. Ethan did an incredible job working with four photographers and delivered spectacular results. He never disappoints in his professionalism, enthusiasm, and willingness to collaborate with photographers to understand their vision , bring that vision to life, and deliver "top drawer" results that are a welcome addition a photographer's professional portfolio."


"Ethan and David's professionalism and creativeness was out of this world. Both was open to taking your vision and adding personal flare and creativity to the photograph. Looking forward to work with Ethan and David in the near future!"


"Sunday's event was personally and professionally rewarding. Our Model did an outstanding job interpreting the photographers' vision and bringing it to life. His intuition, sense of humor, and professionalism resulted in some incredible images. In addition to an outstanding Model, the photo-graphers were an awesome group to work with -- Willingly sharing techniques, assisting each other in resolving challenges e.g. angles, lighting, etc., and making sure everyone got the shot(s) they wanted before they left. He insights, recommendations, and intuition resulted in some great shots for the group. What a deal! Finally, in addition to an outstanding Model, this group shoot was extremely successful because David, our organizer, continues to pursue excellence in advancing the Art of Male Photography. Thanks to all for a very positive and professionally rewarding experience. I look forward to working with everyone again in the near future."


"This session exceeded all expectations! Informative, interactive, informative, and engaging. Doug has an uncanny ability to take what appear to be complex techniques and break them down, into easily understandable and digestible lessons. In two hours, he presented no less than five lighting techniques for photographer's to place in their "kit bag." Doug's seemingly simple techniques has the potential to elevate my photographic images to the next level, when employed correctly. Hat's off to David for putting this session together. A personal thanks to Doug -- Your willingness to share your knowledge, experience and techniques certainly contribute to making me a better photographer -- Well done my Friend."


"Informative, friendly and fun as usual. I enjoyed learning the lighting techniques. I am eager to put them into practice. Doug is quite knowledgeable and a good teacher. I would definately take another workshop lead by him."


"Bottom Line: One of the best Lightroom presentations I've attended. Doug's presentation exceeded my expectations. His technical acumen and ability to take the complex and break it down so everyone can grasp the concept, directly contributed to this sessions success. While I've used Lightroom in the past, I learned several new tips and tricks today that will take my post processing skills to the next level. I was extremely impressed with his preparation, patience, and willingness to remain on topic until everyone had a grasp of the concept he was presenting. The handout was "top drawer," I will be using it for a long time to come. Throughout Doug's presentation, I realized that I have to make some changes in my post processing workflow so that I can be more efficient. Doug, please accept my personal thanks and Congratulations for a job well done. I will be in the audience the next time you present. Always a pleasure to work with a real PRO!"


"Quite an informative workshop. I left with the knowledge of the basics of Lightroom. Doug V, the instructor possesses a plethora of knowledge; and he was patient and willing to answer our questions. Based on what I learned,I will be purchasing the Lightroom software. Also, again I felt incredibly welcome and comfortable in the group. I feel like I belong."


"I had my 1 on 1 educational photo shoot today, (Saturday, March 15, 2014). This is my second workshop with the group and I was in no way disappointed. It was a fantastic photo shoot and learning experience. David is a great teacher. My model, James, was wonderful. He was perfect for the session and my expectations for the session. Fantastic attitude and personality. I would love to work with him again. I highly recommend the group and I will definitely be attending more workshops. I don't think they can get rid of me. :-)"


"This was the first event I attended with this Meetup group and I can only praise the entire experience. I think that I am the first woman to attend this group's photo shoot workshops. I was nervous about attending; however, the second I entered David's studio, I relaxed and felt welcome. I am so glad that I was able to be a full participant in the workshop. It was a truly AWESOME experience, and I will definately be attending more workshops with this group."


"The bondage workshop exceeded my expectations. The collaboration between Models and Photographers was the best I have seen to date. The Models were "top drawer" in performance, willingness to "humor the photographers" as they experimented with ideas and consistently delivered quality results all afternoon. Thanks to our host for another oustaanding event. Cannot wait for the next one!"


"Our Host never ceases to amaze and deliver on a relaxed learning environment coupled with informative and productive photo sessions. The models were top notch in their desire to deliver quality results. Another great workshop from one of, if not the areas top male photographer."


"Loved the venue and the MODELS. This was an awesome time outdoors at Roosevelt Island on the Potomac across from the Kennedy Center. There were wonderful areas to be able to shoot the models and they reacted and enjoyed the experience as well. Thanks again to Dave E. I'm hooked. sign me up for the next outdoor shoot. SMILE! "


"I've sat through a lot of training classes over the years. If they had all been anywhere near as good as this one I would have been very happy. This was a first rate session. Adobe Lightroom is an important tool in the photographer's arsenal, but it is also a bit intimidating, like most Adobe products. But Doug did us all a huge favor by demystifying it for us. Methodically he walked us through the various parts of Lightroom and showed us what was where and how to use it. Then, using some of his beautiful photos as examples, he walked us through how to use Lightroom to make our photos better. All I can say is "Wow." Fantastic session. Doug is a great teacher and I look forward to spending more time talking with him in the future, about software and everything photography. Thanks."


"It was my first shoot as a models and it was a fun experience. The photographers made me feel comfortable and were very receptive to suggestions and ideas the models had. It was just an overall great shoot and I look forward to doing more."


"I am so in to work with Steve again. He is professional, easy to work with, great attituden and has a good eye for making lighting adjustments. Best shoots are when models collaborate with photographers to achieve best reslts. Steve did just that! Great job by model. Awesome mentoring and advice from David. All in all great shoot! Thanks Dave and Steve." 


"First class operation! David did an outstanding job organizing and conducting this workshop. His instruction, counsel, and insight into the world of male photography is second to none. The studio is very easy to work in. One of my favorite ones! A couple of key points: first, the photographers great. There's a sense of collaboration and desire to see all succeed. The model, Adam, was a pleasue to work with. He had a strong work ethic and desire to deliver top notch results for the photographers. Will work with Adam again in the near future. Look forward to my next opportunity to work with David and the top not models that he sponsors at his workshops." 


"I just want to thank you for making these workshops available to us. Adam was delightful to shoot. I have learned that I need to be more prepared to shoot. To have an idea of poses for the model and ready for controlling the lighting. All in all, it is so much fun to be able to work with the models in your studio." 


"Excellent, well organized event. I'll definitely be participating in future shoots. As someone who has shot professionally in the past, I really have to emphasize how accommodating and helpful you were with all the equipment, which is state-of-the-art. Plus, the space is immaculate, and you were an incredibly gracious host. Thank you again for putting all of this together! Sorry for the love fest, but we had a great shoot yesterday." 

"This was a terrific opportunity to learn by participation. David's studio is beautifully equipped and he is generous and flexible when considering ways to use it."


"I joined this group for the first session for the Male Nudes MeetUp group. It was fantastic shooting James - - I took over 100 photos and everyone was a Blue Ribbon First Prize. Difficult to pare down my list of favorites. James also that the attitude of a Prize Model. Thanks guys! Was fun working with Dave E." 


"This was a wonderful experience. I think several came in hesitance as to what to expect, yet we were all treated with respect and warmth. It was truely a great experience both in front of the camera and behind the lens.  Dave was the perfect host. With knowledge to all levels of experience. I really enjoyed going to this event" 


"Workshop was well organized, professionally supervised, and moderated . David E. has successfully created an environment that fosters a collaberation between photographers and photographer (models). I will participated in future sessions of this nature." 


"A great time. No pressure, but the relaxed atmosphere made it easy to test boundaries -- just a bit. Surprisingly educational, as well." 


"I really thought this session met the expectations and skills of our photographers. David E was skilled and prepared to walk us through any difficult situations. Enjoyed it immensely"


This was a wonderful experience. I think several came in hesitance as to what to expect, yet we were all treated with respect and warmth. It was truely a great experience both in front of the camera and behind the lens. Dave was the perfect host. With knowledge to all levels of experience. I really enjoyed going to this event"


"I think it was wonderful, well planned well executed with plenty of guidance and support. I strongly recommend it for new comers" 


"I had the opportunity to do a photo workshop with David and a select group of photographers recently, and I am far from a professional model, but it was a great experience for myself and I believe for them as well. a wonderful opportunity for model and photographer to work on different techniques and practice areas we feel we aren't strong in. everyone was excellent to work with, very respectful of myself as a model, very grateful to have someone to practice with, and that comfort level allowed us to have a lot of fun and have a few laughs through the shoot as well. it's something I would definitely do again at some point in the future, and I highly reccomend that anyone else who might be considering doing a workshop with David take that step and do it."

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