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So why do guys want to pose nude or in suggestive nude poses?

I am often asked this by people who wonder why guys are motivated to pose in this manner. After over 50 sessions, I've determined these are the most likely motivations for setting up a nude or suggestive nude photography session.

1. He wants to celebrate his body. This is not always because he feels great about his current body, rather, he wants to capture his current reality. Some have used a session to produce images to show the "before" so they can later compare to what they hope to look like after some serious exercise. It could be around a milestone such as turning 50 or it could be he has worked hard at the gym and feels good about how he looks now.

2. He is turned on being naked in front of someone. While the primary purpose is produce great photography, many guys find it exciting to be watched and enjoy the shoot for this reason. They love to show off!

3. He wants higher quality images of his body and this includes what is under his clothing normally. A great suggestive pose leaves a little to the imagination and can create an exciting image to share with people.

Overall, people seem to think a lot about the session up front and anticipate the shoot. They quickly become comfortable being naked around me and my camera and trust that I will create images that show them in their best light. They see that camera angles and creative lighting can produce some very flattering results, no matter how they appear in the mirror at home. We often end up bringing out muscle definition and this is a major ego boost for guys.

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