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Posing Ideas Including Links to Resources

If you’re new to modeling in general or new to modeling nude, I’m sure you’re thinking about all sorts of things. If you’re considering entering the field as a model or want to be super prepared for a private session, it can only help to give some thought to this in advance of a session.

This entry contains links you may enjoy reviewing for guidance on posing and modeling in general.

While I am providing some advice and resources, you should be yourself and feel comfortable during the session. You don’t want to overthink this and try too hard to do the right things as a model or you will be uncomfortable and unnatural. I’ll work with you during the session and help guide you in terms of poses that look nice.


These pages offer a great set of tips and both are easy to read. I like the idea of practicing in front of a mirror or taking a bunch of digital photos on your computer to get an idea of how you look in various poses and facial expressions. Also, look for ideas from others (magazines and online - links below of sample image galleries) and try poses and facial expressions in a mirror to practice.


This is a wide collection of tips aimed at male models including some articles related to posing nude. While this site appears to have an agenda and some of the advice is a bit odd, it is a wide collection of articles that you may at least find entertaining and perhaps you’ll learn something. I wouldn’t take all of their advice as 100% must do.


  • Practice Different Fashion Poses before Going to Photo Shoots

  • Focus on Body Posture

  • Practice Facial Expressions

  • Show Self Confidence with Your Posing Skills

  • Make Your Posing Look Natural

  • Get Posing Ideas

  • Hands and Facial Expression

  • Become an Idea Factory

  • Things to Avoid when Posing for a Photographer

  • Misplaced Body Language

  • Mona Lisa Smile?

  • Your Eyes are the Windows to Your Soul

  • Don’t always look straight into the camera

  • About Blinking

  • Be Bold!!

  • Breathe

  • Limbs - Symmetry is officially out in the modeling world.

  • Camera - Although the camera is the ultimate focal point of a modeling photo shoot, great models do not look directly into the camera (** I don’t follow this and certainly do poses where the model is looking directly into the camera).

  • Sitting Poses

  • 4 main types of model poses: lifestyle pose, movement pose, portrait pose, and body pose.


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