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Super Male Models


These models are among the best we've had the privilege of photographing AND many are available to model at our workshops and some are open to erotic poses (see icon key below). Looking for a specific model by name, try our search page.


Learn more about joining our group of talented super models: casting page. If you're interested in obtaining more information about shooting one of these models at a workshop OR purchasing a framed image, please contact us and indicate your specific interest. 


Most definition and overall great physique. Covers all ages (18+) and interests.

Convey youthfulness (often under 30 - all 18+) and usually open to nudity, either suggestive or full. 

Convey a more mature look (often over 30) and covers a wide variety of poses including potentially nude poses.

Convey youthfulness (often under 30 - all 18+) and less open to nudity than "Hot Boys". Will often pose in underwear.

All photography on entire website © 2021 Images Male. All Rights Reserved.

Images Male is in full compliance with 18 USC 2257, with possession of model releases and all models are at least 18 and have provided age verification.

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