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"Growing up I always thought I was ugly. Sometimes I still think that. Of course, now I know it's depression thinking the worst of me, and anxiety assuming people think the worst of me. But sometimes, you still need a reminder of who you are right here, right now.


I told myself that when I reached my goal weight I was going to see David E, as a couple other of my friends have. I saw the amazing work he did, and thought, once I'm where I want to be weight-wise, I'd get photos done to document where I am now.


I wanted a professional photographer specializing in male imagery because he could help me take the best pictures, and looking at his results (some of which I'm sharing in this album), it's clear I made the right choice in photographer.


I know I always won't look like this, and I'm looking forward to where I'll be years from now. But right now, I'm happy where I am." - Sean

Sean extras (CLOSED)

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