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Reviews: What are client's saying...

Here's some recent reviews...


"Hello, just wanted to leave a little note about how David really made me feel completely comfortable and at ease with my first ever photo shoot. Going into it I will admit I was completely nervous I had no idea what to expect and had no idea if I could even get a good picture of myself. David was fantastic, he sent me a link to read about what to expect and different things that work for models. I read it and still wasn’t sure of myself, so I went anyways and expressed my concerns to David. He immediately started making me feel at ease with his professionalism, patience and his fantastic advice. I cannot wait to be able to do another one with him."


"As a photographer and model "ive never quite seen someone use light as well as you."


"This is my favorite picture from my photo shoot with photographer David E. I cannot say enough good things about how kind and easy David is to work with. Kevin C recommended David not only because of his skills with photography but his awesome personality as well! His page is Images Male photography studio. Check him out!"


"I started modeling with David a couple weeks ago and we've done a couple shoots already.  I've never modeled before and was very excited to work with him but like many novice models had questions and concerns.  David was more than willing to answer my questions through email and we even talked on the phone before my first shoot. He was honest about his work and gave me the room to explore what I wanted to have photographed.I'm not a shy person, nor am I bashful about my body but I am starting law school in the fall and wanted to make sure that my pictures reflected a professional, artistic vision.  David did just that and I could not be happier with the pictures and the experience.  


Since my first shoot David and I have explored other themes and created images that I'm very proud of.  I've always wanted to model but  I wanted to keep some things private and that why David and I agreed to shoot underwear and suggestive nudes.  


Even if I was fully naked David would adjust lighting, suggest certain poses, and crop in certain ways to keep me from showing those parts of my body.  I really appreciated his patience and respect of my wishes.I think we've become a solid team and that we've built some good momentum as far creativity in our sessions.  I can't wait to work with David again and highly recommend him as a photographer to other models or patrons that want photos taken.  He's very professional, patient, open to ideas, and easy to work with."  - Josh F


"I started modeling with David a few months ago. He was very professional and open to using his own ideas and any that I had as well. He was very willing to take the shoot at the speed I was comfortable with and work with my levels of comfort. Since I started working with David, he's put me in touch with a few other photographers that I've since worked with. I guess you could say he sort of helped me start modeling." - Brandon F


"I am not a model.  However, I've been working very hard in the gym and was looking for a way to document my progress.  I found David and he said he'd do my shoot for free because he liked my look and wanted to use some of the photos for his portfolio.  He is incredibly professional in his business proceedings, as is his studio.  He made me feel completely at ease when posing.  


He is a master at lighting the male form just right.  I was incredibly pleased with how the shoot turned out.  I'll definitely go back in another six months or so to track my progress further.  The whole experiences was definitely an ego-boost for me.  David deserves high praise." - Philip K


"Great environment for creativity. I've shot with the company a couple times now and I've always enjoyed how flexible the photographer is, David really seems to enjoy throwing ideas around and trying new things.


He's very open minded and treats models with respect, not as objects, like I've experienced before. Him and I have managed to create some great pieces of art and I look forward to shooting with him again in the future." - Ian Z


"Having never worked with a professional photographer, I had no idea what I was doing. David is very professional. He was able to expand on any and all ideas I had for my photo session. He is great to work with.


He does everything possible to accommodate the client and make them feel comfortable. I was very happy with the final product. I plan to be going back to David for more work in the future." - Jonathon M


"My fiancé and I wanted some engagement photos taken, and scheduled a session with Images Male.  The photographer has a professional studio with bathroom/changing facilities, numerous professional lighting options, backdrops, etc, and was very welcoming and easy going to work with.  


He worked with us to create the images we wanted, and skilled at explaining how he was going to attempt different lighting and poses.  Very satisfied with our photos and would definitely use him again." - Adam S


Model sharing his experience at a workshop:

"I had the opportunity to do a photo workshop with David and a select group of photographers recently, and I am far from a professional model, but it was a great experience for myself and I believe for them as well. a wonderful opportunity for model and photographer to work on different techniques and practice areas we feel we aren't strong in. everyone was excellent to work with, very respectful of myself as a model, very grateful to have someone to practice with, and that comfort level allowed us to have a lot of fun and have a few laughs through the shoot as well. it's something I would definitely do again at some point in the future, and I highly reccomend that anyone else who might be considering doing a workshop with David take that step and do it." - Andrew


Comments shared directly with Images Male...


"I truly enjoyed being photographed by you today and am equally enjoying seeing the results.  I grew and learned from the experience during the shoot and am feeling the post-shoot boost of self-esteem from knowing I've modeled for a professional photographer and I am very pleased with our results.  I told you this was a bucket list experience for me, but that implies I would do it once and check it off.  But that is not the case on this experience, I am already looking forward to when we can work together again on a full erotic shoot in your studio."


"Working with Dave has helped me reach higher modeling opportunities. Dave reached out to me over social media and we had a test shoot. Afterwards he quickly set me up with another photographer which together helped me create a solid portfolio. In just a short year, I've worked with other photographers and have landed on the modeling list at Union 206."


"This is incredible!!!  I absolutely love them.  I can't thank you enough for everything.  I had so much fun working on this today. "


"I think the photos turned out great. I and my friends were blown away. I can only say I'm excited for what will come next. "


"Thanks so much! It was a great learning experience and I love the pictures. Hopefully we can work together in the future on a project sometime. Take care!"


"The photos are amazing! I love them all. When I do post a few on Facebook, I will give you credit. I am interested in the workshop you mentioned. Let me know the details and I will be sure to make it. I do not have an account on Model Mayhem, however I will make one tomorrow after work. Thank you again for a wonderful experience, and such an amazing portfolio. I look forward to working with you again"


"The images are amazing I'm so glad with how they turned out! Thank you for the opportunity to have a shoot and gain more experience and helping me improve. I would be glad to have another shoot with you. Thank you so much again and the photos are grand!"


"These photos are fantastic; you do an excellent job capturing the best of someone’s body, both in terms of lighting and image capture in general. Some of the pictures you edited added or softened the shadows to direct at the best parts of the photo. Really, a bang up job David. I really appreciate you doing the photo shoot with me, and I look forward (in the near future when I finally start to figure out where free time happens with this new career) to joining your group on meetup for modeling/photography. Once again, thank you for the work, and I will be sure to name drop when I find the right times and places to get my photos out there."


"Wow - what a fast response from you! I've never gotten the photos back in just 3 hours! Working with you was very satisfying, and the results are impressive. I'm loving the variation in lighting that I can now add to my portfolio!Hope to work with you soon!"


"David, it was a great experience to get to work with you. I have looked over the collection and I'm extremely happy to say the least. Once again thank you."


"Wow, that was fast. It may take a while to decide. You did such a great job and you couldn't have been nicer. I had a really good time, and I didn't know I could look that good. Thanks."


"I think the G rated pictures look great! I’m ecstatic about the “NOH8” ones and the shots with the water sprayed on me and even the nudes ones you cropped. I feel like by the end of the shoot I was much more comfortable and in my element to shoot and I think that shows in the pictures."


"The photos you took were amazing! I love them and would do another shoot in a heart beat!"


"I'm sure you would agree with me that much depends on the dynamic between model and photographer. From the start I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Honestly I have never felt so comfortable on a first time shoot. Thank you for creating that special atmosphere where a model can get into the zone and let himself go. I very much enjoyed the photos you shared with me. I was amazed to find so many photos that I liked. This is not usually the case, in my experience. I like the shots with red shorts. I especially like the shots with dramatic lighting. The lighting, though dark, really works with so many of the shots. Several shots include a beautifully lit area that immediately grabs the viewer's attention and gently carries the viewer around the frame."



A recent client treated himself to a photo shoot to celebrate his birthday (late 60s). When booking the appointment, he told me that he does not photograph well.


After the session, I received this email --- "I am impressed.  These are great!  There are some that are just truly amazing!  Many of the "head shots" even the ones in the nude are just stunning (in my estimation).  Some of the best photos I have ever had of myself.  I love the muscle definition you were able to document in a couple of the poses.  On balance I am very pleased!

Head shots are good, especially #2 and #8.  Like both of them very much. Love the intensity in #17 and #22 is super!  No's 23-25, great head shots. #33--now there's a fun photo!  Love #38 a lot.  Love the right arm definition in #48, #52 casual but provocative, a favorite, #58-great head shot.  #83 couldn't be better.  So yeah, I'm pleased.  Very pleased.

I must say, the entire session was very professional, relaxed and comfortable.  You worked with me in a very supportive, professional manner and that is genuinely appreciated.  More than a few of the shots are the best portraits I have ever had made.  I know that some of what I asked was a challenge.  These are photos I will cherish for years to come!  You really put me at ease, encouraged, corrected and assisted me to have the best session I could have. This is something I would look forward to doing again.  Thanks! and best wishes for continued success!" -- Dennis



"Wanted to say, I think you and this business are an utmost model for professionalism, timeliness, and quality.  Very impressed!" - SR


" I was greatly impressed with the way most of them turned out. Thanks to you, I have a lot more confidence in pursuing something in the modeling industry. I'll hold on to my day job, but it's nice to know that it isn't such a far fetched idea."


Thoughts/feelings before the session (what you expected)


"David was terrific with all the details about the appointment, providing great directions to his place, some guidelines for the photo shoot and answers to my questions.  He checked in to confirm the appointment the day before.  This really helped to more me more at ease for the appointment. 


Thoughts/feelings after the session - The studio is really a great space, all the equipment is right there.  David immediately puts you at ease by sitting down and chatting for a few minutes, determining what kind of shots you are interested and showing some examples.  The session went by really fast, David is great about checking in, showing you the photos and helping with creative poses.  David got the album to me the same evening.  The photo shoot was a great experience, and I would have no apprehensions about scheduling another appointment. 


Your feelings about the best photos we took - The photos are terrific, the head shots are very professional and look great.  The other shots in various outfits and naked are exactly what i was looking for, they capture the best features and the lighting is great." -- ML


"I had an opportunity to look at the images you posted to your site.  The only word that comes to mind is AWESOME!  You always do a great job."


"I am nothing less than impressed with your work. Photos I have seen are awesome. Looking forward to the next time!" - Greg

"My plan is working.  With the new photos I am getting  more interested visitors on  Silverdaddies. Thanks for the  excellent photos.  I appreciate your thoughtful,  careful  collaboration." -- Ryan


"I came into the session not being sure what I wanted – I knew I wanted some professional shots and I knew I wanted good lighting.


David is very skilled with lighting, posing, background set-up, and talking with the subject to determine what they are interested in getting out of their photo session.  He was very professional and organized.  I felt very much at ease with him during the photo session.

I was very satisfied with the photographs I got from David, in terms of the lighting and subsequent touch-ups.  It was definitely worth the investment." -- AS

"David is a creative photographer that looks at unique opportunities to use light, and creates a calming energy when on the set.  He makes you feel comfortable and evokes creativity." - -Brad

"Before the session, I was not sure what to expect because it was on Craigslist so I was cautious. After the session, I thought that you were an amazing guy to work with and I would do it again! The best photos that we took served its purpose for us all.  I especially love the one in the leather jacket :-)" After seeing a re-touched image of himself... "Wow this is fucking stunning. Thanks!" -- DR

"Before the session I was nervous (naturally) and wasn't sure what to expect. It took me a while to loosen up and relax and feel like myself. I lost my moment a few times and got lost in thought and it showed in the pics. I need to learn how to let all that go. Surprisingly it went a lot faster then I thought it was going to be.

After the session, I felt fulfilled that I was able to do this and overall felt great about how hard I have been working to get my body looking good naked. I love the feeling and could see myself posing a lot more. It was great.

I really enjoyed all the pics that we took, I would like to see more fun in the photos next time, more smiles and silliness." - AA

"They looked phenomenal and I really want to keep working at it!!! You took some excellent shots."  I have never done any modeling or self portraits and really didn't know what to expect. David was very professional and put me at ease as soon as I arrived. He really did a fantastic job capturing some great shots of me. My favorite photo was with my fist  to my chin. I really couldn't ask for anything better. I definitely will be doing this again!!  -- JH

Thoughts Before the Session: 

I chatted with David several weeks before the session, so I knew what to expect. He explained the layout of his new studio and his style of working with models. He was polite, friendly, and professional. He also offered to pick me up from the Metro and drop me off.

Thoughts After the Session:
David lived up to my expectations: easygoing and professional, and sincere about creating photographic art. He was patient throughout the session and open to ideas. He displayed his work as he went for my comments. I look forward to working with him again. -- Eric

"Thank you David.  I love the pictures! All of them! They all came out so good. I definitely have plenty to choose from as far as head shots. I'm very happy with the ones here. I loved seeing myself on your site. Very exciting!  Thanks again. I'm really really happy about the outcome" - Jason


Thoughts Before the Session:
I was  feeling a mix of both excitement and nerves.  I've modeled a bit before and found it very fun - so I was excited for that experience again.  At the same time, I'd never met Dave and getting naked for an unknown person who could do anything with images of you - well, that felt a little scary (comment from David - I always sign a very clear model release if a customer is willing to all ow me to share photos after the session and if so, exactly what type of images are ok to share. This is totally optional and if a client is paying for a session, it is fine if they do not want me to share any images and I 100% respect all limits on this right).

Thoughts/feelings after the session: 

I was great!  All of my hopes for what it could be were on target.  Very comfortable and natural experience.  Dave put me at ease immediately.  His professionalism was very clear.  I'd love to repeat the experience - any time.

Thoughts/feeling about the photos we took:  love them.  I am reminded how imperfect my body is these days - but I guess that's part of being human.  I'd love to see more of the images we took and I hope to have the chance to model again to create many more images with Dave.  I think I could be a better model and work on some of my moods/expressions - especially now that I know he's a great guy - no reason for nerves.  Sign me up for more, please! :) -- John

I was referred to you today by one of your customers that you recently did some photographs for. I chat with him a lot on Manhunt and I noticed he had new pictures and I was like "wow", who did those for you! And, he gave me your web address and name. I would very much like to speak to you or set up an appointment with you for a photo shoot! - Troy

"I wasn't sure of what to expect.  I wish that perhaps I had the ability to be a bit more spontaneous.  That is truly outside of my normal comfort zone as well.  I was a bit apprehensive coming into this, but am glad that I did. I thought you were VERY patient with me.  Particularly my inability to be somewhat spontaneous and limited creativity.  You really made me feel quite comfortable and for that, I say thank you." -- Richard

David, you're good and you're fast!  These are great, thanks!

Your thoughts/feelings before the session:  Your website gave me a good sense of your approach, the studio very nice, and your directions/guidelines clear and professional.

Your thoughts/feelings after the session:  Met my expectations and more. 

Your feelings about the best photos we took: There are some great shots for all the primary posing positions." -- Pat

"Thoughts/feelings before the session (what you expected) -This met my expectations. My goal was to take pictures of me during the week of my 50th birthday, to celebrate being healthy, happy and fit at 50. I wanted a record of the big day in photos! You captured it exactly. Great work. Life is good for me right now, and I think the pics capture it.

Thoughts/feelings after the session - Like the fact that you showed me pictures throughout the session, the professional way you handled the session, and the fact that you put no pressure on me to do things that I did not want to do. I also like the fact that you offered suggestions when things did not look so good (choice of clothes).


Feelings about the best photos we took - I gave you the numbers I liked. I liked that you whitened my teeth in one and took some dark shadows our from under the eyes on a few. For some reason, although I wanted the butt shots, they did not do anything for me. Sometimes my hands appeared a little awkward, but for the most part, I liked all that you send, as mentioned above. I truly trust your judgement, and professionalism." -- Paul

"Thanks very much, David!  It was a pleasure to work with you.  Your studio is very impressive and you have a great style in your work.  Thanks again for letting me model for you." - Adam


"It was a good session. For a "recreational model" like me you were awesome.  A great photographer, a nice guy, trustworthy"


"David, the pix are AWESOME!  The lightling is hot.  The precum shots you got are unbelievable and so artistic. Thank you so much." 


"This sounds like a lot of fun! Confidence and a memory for < $200. I wasn't aware such a service existed, I've always thought of photographers as the holiday family portrait. :) I became particularly interested after reading how a photo shoot can improve your confidence, something I tend to lack at times."


"I really like 2, 15, 17, 20, 42, a lot of the ones in the jeans, and a lot of the ones in the Nikes. Very hot!  It's definitely a confidence boost - thank you for being a great partner! The tone, the lighting are all awesome, and you have a great facility!

Thanks again, it was a fantastic experience! I had a great time, I very much enjoyed myself. It was a great experience, this act of modeling and potentially being the subject of art."


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