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Is There a Purpose Beyond Showing off Handsome Men Here?

My hope for you, the viewer of my work and my portraiture subjects (aka “models”)


#CONFIDENCE: I see how photo sessions build his self-confidence. He often sees himself in a different light after viewing the results of our creative efforts together. He might say "I'm sexy/comfortable just the way I am now".  This doesn't mean he isn't seeking areas to improve, rather, he accepts that he is fine the way he is now and the future may allow him an opportunity to work on whatever aspects of his life he wishes to develop. I also gain confidence as I refine my photography abilities and learn more about working with subjects and the technical aspects of my work.
#GROWTH:  He will personally grow trying an experience that is a bit out of the box for him. Most guys that I photograph have not done a professional photo shoot, and I enjoy giving advice and seeing them become more comfortable within the span of a single session.
#COLLABORATION:  Our creative collaboration is exciting for both of us.  The best results often come from guys who have a positive approach to trying various poses and working as part of a two-person team.  After a successful shoot, we have built a new personal connection and future collaborations are often even stronger. We enjoy a shared purpose around a creative endeavor that has meaning to us.
#SHARE:  I see that he can express himself through images and typically enjoys sharing his story. I am privileged to have an opportunity to personally learn about the men I meet and he often shares his insecurities, challenges, and accomplishments as we work together. These are not always obvious to us the viewer and seeing that many guys face challenges and to hear of past & current obstacles, as well as his dreams, is inspirational to me. The series I am doing with OutClique magazine fits nicely into this goal of providing a platform for guys to share their stories with a wider audience. It seems there are many guys who have a story to tell.
#CELEBRATE:  As a viewer of my work, you may think that I am objectifying the male body. I like to think of my work as celebrating who we are as both the subject and the viewer of male portraiture. I hope we’re all at or moving toward being at peace with the desire to see beautiful men as they are and how they wish to be seen. It may seem counterintuitive, but as I focus on the external beauty of my subject, I am gaining greater insight into their inner beauty. 
As a primarily male audience viewing male models, this was not the default growing up for any of us. We hopefully appreciate the beauty of all men, not just the obviously pretty ones. I hope to grab your attention and have you focus on my subject -- look into his eyes and try to get a sense of who he is and how he desires to be portrayed in my images.
#COMMUNITY:  You as either the viewer or the subject of my portraiture, as well as the photographers I collaborate with are part of this informal male photography community I am building. I enjoy sharing my work and seeing the impact it has on both viewers and the subjects I capture. I hope you enjoy being an active partner in admiring the wide variety of men we get to meet together. We're not alone. This became very important once I became a full-time photographer.
#JOY:  I hope that my work brings a moment of joy to your world as I share new images and introduce you to a variety of men you may not have encountered otherwise. We can be happy.
Please feel free to share YOUR story or reaction to my thoughts as a comment in the Facebook posting.

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