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I have been building a portfolio of male portraiture for over 7 years and I recently have embraced turning select images into artistic designs.


I find that by seeing the photos in a stylized form rather than the typical photographic image, it adds an interesting dimension and makes the viewer look at the image from another perspective.


I still value my "clear" realistic photographs, but for some people, the stylized versions may be more in line with their taste for a display of art in their home or office. The image below shows the original photo, a design using the natural colors, and a design using a variation on the colors.


Since it's art, I'm not offended if you don't like the colors or style - or even my photography. Like all art, it's up to each person to decide what speaks to them and what doesn't.

I am also happy to produce a custom wall art collage for you. You can select which designs you like (perhaps a theme like "truck farm" or you might select a single design and have variations of color, and you decide how many "tiles" are shown and the color and spacing between the tiles. Finally, you can decide what format you desire the printed piece (paper, metal, canvas, acrylic) and framed or unframed.

If you're interested in purchasing my art (can be as wall art, a ceramic coaster or another product), please contact me at and let me know which designs interest you. 

I'd love to hear your feedback on my designs and if you're interested in purchasing a piece of art (coaster, print, etc.), please contact me at

David E


About the Coasters

I am in the process of producing a series of colorful photo ceramic coasters. I have been searching for a creative way to showcase my photography, and these high-quality ceramic coasters (with a cork backing) offer an inexpensive and fun option to share my work with others. You can see a photo of the actual coasters in the decor page.

Each coaster is approximately 4" square and is sold either individually or in sets (often packaged in 4 or 6 tiles). To hold multiple tiles, I can provide a wood stand (capacity 4 tiles) or a metal rack (capacity 6 tiles).


I can make almost any image from my vast portfolio available as a coaster. I will eventually be offering an online store. 

The cost is currently $5 per tile plus tax and shipping. If you're interested in purchasing coasters, please contact me at and let me know which collections interest you. Over time, I will produce various sets as there's demand for specific collections.

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