I am interested in helping select non-profit organizations raise funds. Here's a general outline of what I can offer and together, we can create a program that works for your organization/cause.


1. I would offer your members/contacts a dog glamour portrait session. It could be held at either an event (existing or special) or at my studio in Arlington, VA. 100% of the sitting fee would be paid directly to your organization. Normally I charge a $125 sitting fee and we can do either a suggested fee or allow people to pay whatever amount they desire.


2. After the session, I could provide some number of free low-resolution images. These are suitable for sharing on social media. I typically include a small watermark logo to identify my studio (in the corner) and we could also include a mention of your organization/cause.

3. They could then order high-resolution images suitable for printing on their own and/or printed items such as photos, canvas prints, and greeting cards.  A defined portion of the profit on any item sales would be donated to your organization.


One option is you could also raffle a chance to win a canvas print or some other printed item.


I would waive my sitting fee completely. I would not expect to be paid to do the shoots. I would earn a small amount of profit on any subsequent item/image sales, but no one would be required to purchase anything. I would waive my typical minimum item order requirement.


I would likely need to set a limit on the number of sessions I can offer at my studio. For events, we could leave open-ended and just a start and end time and anyone who is present can be photographed.


Your organization would help promote the event and/or the option to have a session at my studio.


I would reserve the right to add any/all images I shoot to my commercial portfolio and I would expect all who have their dog photographed to sign a property release. This is similar to a model release, but for dogs.

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